Pawandeep Kandola


Debate Competitions 2017
Dips Institutions Nurmahal
GB Public School Nurmahal




: I was born in a typical Punjabi family, raised by my grandmother. I grew up in a small village where everyone knew everyone. I don’t know why, but I always been a person who liked to spend his time alone and would play alone. School was not in my mind from the very beginning, hated it, the teachers, the subjects, and math. Everything changed though when I moved to the Philippines to be with my parents and study. I studied in a Montessori school in a country where I did not speak the dialect, did not like the food, and did not know anyone. Studying there was the most influential thing to me I’d have to say because if I did not move there I would not be here, I would not have known the things I know now, I wouldn’t be able to speak the language and most importantly I would not know how to be independent.
The thing that I consider to be most important to be is happiness. I know it’s not the typical answer and it’s too generic, but I can say that with a lot of confidence. I was not the happiest individual growing up as I have said I moved to a new place, spent 7 or so years and returned to India to begin again so there was not any security for many things, things that one wants to last forever. What brings me happiness? now that is a very personal answer and one which I cannot share here.