The Parisian Expedition

“I know where to go from here, its below the church basement” Henry told her as they began walking towards there destination. The Old Road Church was a few miles away. Both decided to walk it as the day was beautiful. “So, Henry you have a wife?” lucienne asked. Henry looked at her from the corner of his eye “No, I am not married and have zero plans to in the near future” he replied. ” “thats okay, I have met many people who think like you, but they all change, just wait, time will alter your thinking like it alters everything else”. It was approaching mid-day but the streets were the same, packed with travellers, tourists, workers, and the occasional thieves. The sun was out but it kept its hotness under wraps. after fifteen minutes they saw for the first time the silhouette of the church. “There it is. been standing for hundreds of years and still looks like it was built yesterday” she said. Henry walked to see if it was open for visitors for there were signs that said the church was going through some restoration work, but there was no worker or any sign of wear they were about to restore, at least on the outside. ” Henry reached fro the door and it was open “shall we enter?” he asked his companion who was looking around for any sign of security “thats what we came here for isn’t it? what’s the wait for?” and with that they were inside one of the most beautiful buildings in france.

Walking through the door was like travelling through time. every thing looked out of place from the outside world, the wooden beams, the beautiful paintings, “they still use torches in here, not use bulbs ” she said in amazement. “no these are bulbs, or I think they are, look closely.” upon a closer inspection they found out that the torch looking things were in fact led’s designed to look old. the whole place was lit with them, not that it had problem with the light. The glass windows were huge and let in plenty of light in itself. “this is very well preserved considering how old this is” Henry stated as he made his way near the altar. the church was not very big. the altar was a platform with a golden bronze cross hanging from a wall. Next to it was a painting of a man praying to the heavens. “There is nothing in here, its all barren, cant even find a sept of dust” lucienne was getting bored. “have you forgotten what I said before we came here? I said it would be beneath the churches basement and we haven’t even got to the basement yet. Be patient. we need to be quiet and careful” Henry said. “quiet!, there us literally no one here, no one is going to hear anything. so what’s the point, why not just get on with it?” she relented. “It is virtually empty as we see it. however, this is the precise reason as to why we need to be extra careful. This might be a trap” Henry knew about these type of situations because he had been in one before. When he was looking for ‘The Lost Treasure of the Mayans’. He thought the coast was clear when he reached the temple of Xen, he was mistaken. So he was not going to be put in that same position again, not now that he’s got a girl involved. Lucienne spotted a door next to the confusion rooms. upon entering they were greeted by the most beautiful looking wooden staircase they had ever laid eyes on or will ever lay their eyes on. It stretched from where they were standing, to the basement three levels below. “The basement is quite deep for a church”.

“No, its normal. I’ve been in one that was five floors below in Venice” Henry answered.

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