The Parisian Expedition

Parte Tres

He’s running faster and faster whilst his lungs work overtime to keep him fed with oxygen so he doesn’t black out. “this is the most difficult thing i’ve ever done” “what do they want from me? why are they after me and that so carrying guns” he thinking. “stop!, we just want a conversion, we mean no harm to you, stop!” Masdival is shouting as he tries to keep up, further behind, Brito is keeping up as fast as his short legs would allow him “slow down, cant run no more”.

“out of my way, out of my way, some people after me, out of the way” he shouted at the passer-by’s” he nearly missed getting hit by a motorcycle. he was running through the city alleyways. Masdival and Brito were catching up, Masdival nearly was able to pull him to the ground but he was poked in the eye “ouch, you smuck, Brito get him, I will pull his nails out, Aarrgh” he screamed in agony. There chances were getting slimmer and slimmer by the second, it looked like they would have to show up empty handed in-front of Mr Dembo. “Haha, I got them, who they think they are running after me, I showed them” but he was nearly away when a car hit him. it stopped, the rear door opened and Mr Dembo came out “Right, that was easy. You idiots put him in the trunk, hurry before some one sees us”. They did as they were told not wanting to hear about how they nearly let him get away, again.

A Basement, Somewhere in Paris

The guy they put in the back of the car was now handcuffed to a chair. Mr Dembo was sitting in a chair adjacent to his. Masdival and Brito were standing in the back quietly sipping a few sips of brandy. “Your a difficult man to find Dr Van” Mr Dembo held a file in his hand as he poured himself a drink. “Dr, eh? so can he mend my eye?” masdival was still feeling the burn “he’s a Dr in philosophy you stupid, not a Dr in repairing humans, now shut up and let me get to work”. “AH, sire can we have a little of your brandy if you don’t feel Like finishing it that is” he finally came to his point. “Just take it, make sure to not drink all of it. we have important work to do for which I require your and your brothers stupidity” and with that, the idiots were quietened in a corner. ” Mr Dembo stood up, he pulled a surgeons blade from a bag, along with a few candles, and a pair of pliers. “You have no Clue as to what forces you are trying to get hold off, these are way beyond rtes understanding of mere mortals such as us” The Dr spoke, considering he was tied to a chair and his nails are about to be pulled off his fingers he was calm as water. “forces? is thats what you like to call them? ‘forces’, ha-ha then I thought you professors are curious, but I am wrong, too bad you don’t like your toe nails. does it hurt when someone pulls ones nail right off the finger?, hmm, I was wondering also, don’t worry Dr we shall find out” Mr Dembo removed the right shoe, the tip of the butterfly pliers was perfect for such a task, he got a good hold of the tip of the pinky finger and he began to slowly pull on it. The Dr began to scream, he tried to get his feet freed but he was too banged up from the earlier accident “NOOOO!, have mercy”. “mercy? Dr I can’t have mercy till you have mercy on me. I have been looking for you all over the place, and i’ve hired these morons, not to mention I spent a lot of money in getting you here, so you are the one who needs to show some mercy” with a quick jolt he got the nail right off “Arggr, HAAA”.

“I can do the remaining nine or I can move in to your eye, it’ll be a fun one. I removed an eye before, it was something else, though I am no Dr” Mr Dembo put the blade in front of the Dr’s left pupil “shall I do it?, “alright, alrigh I will assist you, please stop this, please i’ve had enough” The Dr said. Mr Dembo put the blade in his jacket, he then took a sip of his brandy “good decision Dr, now I am going to ask you some questions and I need legitimate answers, you hear me?” he asked. The Dr nodded “But please can I go to a doctor first? its painful”. “Oh yes, sure, I will take you myself but first my questions need answers more than your finger needs a nail”

“Dr would you be kind enough to share the location of the map? I’d much appreciate it if you would not try any tricks”

“The Map you are in search of is located in an cavern”

“Care to elaborate?”

“The defenders built a complex system of tunnels under Paris, They hid the map there. Where exactly in there is not known to me” Dr said

“no matter, we are partners now, we are here to be of help to each other, aren’t we Dr?, so do not worry we are powerful. with my resources and you’re knowledge, we are unstoppable”

“Ah, yes you are right. However, I tell you something right now?

“what? is this ‘thing’ to trouble us in any way?”

“Its not a thing really, You see, I am, sorry, we are not the only ones in the know of this artifact”

“who else knows?”

“He is a colleague of mine “Professor Henry. He used to be a dear friend but we had a falling-out a long time ago. He is also after what we are searching for, that is if the information I received was reliable”

“Is the source reliable?. You see Information is as reliable as the source from whence it came from.”


“So, we have a competitor, I see. He should not be worried about, you tell us where we are to go from here”

“The Old Road Church, thats where the entrance is I believe”

“Masdial, Brito, get the car ready and make sure everything is In place”

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