A Slouch

bored,.I am bored as hell. why? just why?

“well that was quicker than I expected, its been just a few minuted you bum, cant you just please give it a few more minutes?” jackie

can’t, just cant. its hard for me to do this. why are you acting like you can’t see my pain – Chase

“You really want me to say it? right, you cant say it to yourself, so you’re in here performing your tantrum, well here it is. ‘You messed up, big time and now you cant ive with it” jackie

I did not mess anything up! not my doing, it was her fault, she is the sole responsible for, for everything – chase

“yeah, yeah, brilliant, blame not on the girl. lets just blame it on them. have you ever sat and thought about your actions?, I might suggest you think now, for you are sitting like a bloke who had too much shit in his system” Jackie

she went for the rich guy, hahahah, I am not able to stop thinking about that, she actually went for the rich douche, all the good acting, all the smiles, all the help, that was nothin, for her it was all one big game. – chase

“douche? ohh, ho, ho, ho, now you cant go labelling someone whom you have not met, nor seen for that matter, that is not the brother I have grown up with, you are not this guy, the shutty uppy, not moving, not smiling, now add this behaviour, you have begun putting a label on a guy you have never met, or you will ever met in your life. Speaking freely, he might turn up to be a good guy, a respectable gentleman, someone who treats her like a queen” Jackie

Now rub some salt to the wound, that was all I need, thanks jackass, my beloved sister slash enemy.

huhmmm. if I say the truth to you, I want that ‘brick’ to be nice, she deserves someone nice. for all she has had to endure, she had it way worse than me, way way worse, I am being a ‘sick’ but yeah, deep down I want her to have all that she never had the chance to have. to smile for once, a family – chase

“Ooooohhh, my romantic Romeo, much, love you, I just hope I find someone sharing your thinking. It would have been nice to see you two together, I did imagine it, as I own you’d have done, well the bad was that you ended up taking it way higher than you should have done”

That is your curse and you have to live with it. Imagination



“I feel sorry for you. I know I should not, but cant stop the sisterly stuff, I want the ‘brick’ to disappear in a blackhole as much as you’d want him penniless. however, we cant think like that, can we. it’ll happen wether we like it or not, its called life and it has its own reasons, some we may be able to find, others, not even after were dead. but, one thing is certain”

and what is that? – chase




/Romeo was not a slouch/ – just sayin…..

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