The Parisian Expedition

Back with the idiots..

“So they did leave the chest here?, but where is this place?, we must not waste any more time child” then and there he got up and within a minute he was ready to leave. “Just to let you know I’m no child, and I have a name, its Lucienne” she extended her hand for Henry to shake. He however did not care about the formalisation of each other “I have nothing to do with your name, whether it is lucienne or whatever, we must leave at once now for Barcelona. I need to reach it before the devils do. Please, you have help me, I will pay you, how much you want, 500 euros?, name it I will give it to you but you ought to assist me, its a matter of great importance” he sat back down. Henry reached the inside of his coat pocket and took five hundred euro bills, he then placed them in front of lucienne who was left in awe. “you will not find anything there, Barcelona was used as aberration and nothing more.” she assured Henry. Upon hearing this the slight happiness and excitement he somewhat had felt was now gone “you have no idea how easy I believed this to be, when I decided to take upon this task I was very much convinced that I would achieve it immediately, apparently I was wrong, McCarty was coruscating general. How ignorant of me to belittle a man of his calibre” he sighed.

King lived once before a sunset cloud, it lightened him to a silly drought, taking lives as it got bright, all was burnt before its fiery light…


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