The Parisian Expedition

Seville, Espania 1858

McCarty Sveir was on inside his carriage, it had two dasy since he began the trip to reach his home in Barcelona. Along with him he had two accomplices and two guards. inside he was carrying what he though to be the most precious thing on this earth, something he was meant to keep safe, and away from the hands of his enemies “The Castilieros”. the castilieros were a group of anarchists formed by a man named ‘Juan Pablo Castil’. “They are not after us, we would have known by now if they were coming, but its silent, everything is as it should be” pier mentioned. all of them were very alert, they had gotten hold of some message that was not intended for them. “its as it should be that makes me worry, nothing is as it should be. not according to existence” McCarty was not taking anything lightly, he did not care if they were safe and were not being followed, to him anything could happen to them until they reach the safety of their home. “The castilieros are not cowards, they will not give in until they are dead” he added. “Señor, what is in the chest that we are taking so much care to hide?” one of the guards asked “This contains the secret of the ‘ancients’ the ones who came before us, the ones who were sent by god himself. the secrets it contains is not to be prized by mean mortals as us, the only reason why I was given a life worth losing. Me Amigos” he kissed the top of the chest and performed the signum crucis.

It was night fall when the horse driven carriages made it top of the hill into the mountain of christus. this fortress was created fifty years prior by the miners, it was used as sleeping quarters by the generals. Now, a few remaining protectors of god make use of its secluded placement. “welcome, we have been waiting for your arrival for a while now” father Alejandro greeted them. McCarty kissed the father’s hand ”we managed to get here without being pursued” with the help of his brothers he got the chest out of the carriage, they took it in its designated compartment inside the sanctuary ”it should be same in here for now, but I shall have it out of here in its final resting place not so long from now, then I shall be free of this burden” he stated

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