The Parisian Expedition

Parte dos

“why are you even here?, don’t you have a work in the U S of A” she asked asked him taking a sip of his latte. he frowned at her, but seeing he would not touch it now he ordered himself another one. “you like to meddle in other peoples business do you?, why don’t I give you a suggestion, drink the coffee and find someone else to fuck” he said. Right then a thought came to him, “find someone, that might be it, geeze, I have been thinking about the wrong thing all this time, it is not a place I am looking for, damn me, its a person..,” then he looked a the girl “you see, its a person, how can I let it pass?, now I can finally figure out why he sent me here” she looked startled “Mr, I am not meddling in you business but, you are interrupting my coffee and telling me everything yourself” she reminded him. However, curiosity is something else she could not let the thought of asking him what it is he was here for “you looking for someone?”. his hands were busy searching the bag, the mouth was free to talk “hmm, I am here, I specialise in looking for some things, people Pay me, but I do also find it pleasurable, you know being challenged, I love to solve stuff, can’t solve mathematics but ‘stuff’, oh yes I love that shit like coffee” he finally pulled an old tattered diary out “this is the one and only reason why I am here in Paris sitting opposite to someone whom I never met and whom I would rather not meet, but the person who handed it to me was a very very dear friend of mine”.

the lady looked a bit shocked “you followed a diari?, my mother told me when I was a child to never believe all I read, you are out of your mind, you all are, Americans always want to think like they are special and all the secrets are left in diaris owned by their people” she said as she took a piece of his croissant. “your mama gave you a very valuable advice, I do hope I had followed those instructions when I was young and stupid, but I did not and now I am old and stupid” he laughed “you know once when i was five years old” he added. she looked at him surprised “really, wow cant believe it, would you believe I was also five years old like sixteen years ago” she joked.

This the guy did not hear, as he was too much into his diary. He turned each page with great care like it was a million dollar first edition he was looking in procession of “laugh all you want missy, you wont understand my passion or madness as people close to me often refer to it. one of these days it’ll all pay out and ill be the one laughing not them, they will be proven wrong” he finally found what he was looking for in the diary

“Treasure more than any measure, awaits in the realm of ancient tales, possess the courage to open the gate, be ready to see what awaits. Ways of snake around and around, walk among the dead not found, the passage is where it was always placed, but look not there, an old tale of McCarty Sveir”

“this is the clue that got me here Mccarty, its him, I knew it before but its not him., I know I am confusing, believe me I am more than confused. if it is McCarty, then it must be his church but his church is in Spain, not Paris, the only thing associated with him here is his old employers chapel” he muttered to himself. “you mean that bully Spaniard? him you talking about Mccirty?” she asked, he looked up, and for the first time since she began annoying him that he figured sash might be able to help him “yes! I am talking about ‘The McCarty’, you know anything about him or anything related to him here in Paris?” he desperately wanted for her to know about something, anything thats might be of help in his search “she looked at him surprised “you seriously think I do not know anything about him?, he is taught to the kids when they first reach 2nd grade, his adventures and everything, he’s kind of a big deal” she nodded like a little child. he did not speak, just looked at her, after a few seconds he raised his eyebrows as to signal her to continue talking “hmm, go on, don’t stop, their’s no need”.

“Okay, I tell you, not till you make promise that I come along, with you”, immediately he shook his head, “no, no, no I can’t take you, its dangerous, I don’t even now what’s in store for me here” he defended his side, but she had an even better offence “you don’t know, that is the reason why I want to come along, I know about this place, I was born here, so I can help” she raised her eyebrows copying him. “very funny, okay I think about it, now go on tell me about him”.

she begins…

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