Cost of Happiness……..

would it mind to anyone if I just dropped right here and took my last breath?. would anyone care?, the answer to this question is yes, what a stupid question you might imagine I’ve asked. I have family, someone who gave birth to me, one who played with me, someone whom i’ve grown up with. of course they would care, they would be devastated if I imagine, why would they not be? would one want this?, this affection?.

its a question for all of you. one should be given the freedom to do as he pleases, no matter if he has someone as emotionally attached as a family. Arguing from the “affectionado’s” point. we are your family, how could you even imagine? did you even think of us? we spent all these years together, suffering, growing, learning, and you just do this stupid thing. we did not deserve this, you betrayed us. this might be the reaction from them.

The other point, its my life I am suffering, its all mine, you have no idea about anything happening in this head of mine, no idea, what might seem as normal to you, might be utterly painful to me.., and the reasoning about you have no clue in the first place of howe I even got to this point, nothing, not a Clue, because I am living my own life, not yours and I am not stepping into yours.

the reasons are all out, but if the status quo is to be followed then we must take into consideration everything, from our family, friends, a nanny, a business partner in taking decisions, but if we are free to do as we ought to, if we are genuinely free, then we must give zero f**s about anyone, or anyone who knows anyone.

Life’s suffering, in happiness, it is still suffering if one reasons enough.

What might be the reason for suffering in happiness? you might ask.

you are happy, how are you happy? if you really look it, you might have bought something new, something you want or been looking forward to buying in a long time, but think about it, how did you acquire it? the money? you might have lied to someone, might have stolen from someone by some means, means you believed to be legal.

think long enough and you will reach the point where you find about someone being sad, because of you’re actions. directly or indirectly, it is you reason.

well this makes zero sense, and it should make zero sense…..,

ill get to it..

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