The Parisian Expedition

One parte

“I think it was this way, or this one to my left.. no no I remember now.” He spoke to someone on the other end of the line. He then went the way he said was right or at least he thought was the right way and would take him to his destination.

The streets of Paris are a Mecca for lovers, people of all ages are entwined with each other like they were seeing each other for the last time. “Bonjour monsieur, wanna hangout eh?” A very attractive looking woman winks at him as she tries to keep up with him. “Oh no madam, I think it is not a good sign or a deed I must say, we mustn’t have an intercourse, I mean it is pleasurable and all but not a right thing to do. And get a feeling that when we wake up you shall be asking me for money, that is if you haven’t taken everything whilst I was napping, you know after our intercourse” he says as he walks hurriedly to his destination.

Scene to where he was walking quickly to reach had a different scene.

“Cut his tongue, or I think poke his eye out!” Masdival was saying while he pulled the hair out of his victim. “Please I know nothing , believe me I just came here for a visit nothing more. My knowledge rests with philosophy not treasure or anything involving people getting murdered” he repeated the same words again. “No, you have everything we need, a bloke of black hair, pointy nose and bespectacled, not to mention your build is perfect for whom we were searching for” Brito re-assured. He was sure to his dear life that the man sitting tied to a chair was the one his boss wanted him to nick. He had no photograph or he lost the one which was given to him but not before he got a good look at it, unfortunately that was when he was fully drunk and his brain processing many substances.

“Okay thé finger it is” Masdival picks a pair of wire cutters and he puts the index finger in between the razor sharp blades. “I’ll be counting to three and if I haven’t heard the one thing I’ve got you here for, well it’s bye bye index finger for you” and with that he starts his count “one”, “you really counting to three it it’ll be bang at two” Brito interrupts “you know like you used to do when we were playing on the bridge and you pushed me at two instead of three.

Masdival stares at his compadre. “Two”

The guy who was staring so the both of them now cries “Please I am not lying, please don’t do this. I have children, please” he shouts. “Release him” both the men freeze where they were. “You buffoons have got the wrong man! Idiots, I can’t believe this. One task and still you’ve managed to mess it up, Brito you are the worst criminal in Paris you know that! And You, don’t even get me started” Mr Dembo states. “Mr Dembo, we’ll get it right please don’t kill us or have our kidneys removed please” Brito pleads “or our wives killed” Masdival adds. “It was his fault, Brito here got the photo lost and I told him to not go till we’ve obtained another one, but he did not listen” Masdival points a finger at his friend. “Me!, no sire, Me got nothing to do with this man sitting here. Sire, I nicked him under his instructions and that’s all sire” Brito defends. Mr Dembo scratches his head and gets knife out. He walks towards them “no, give us another chance, we won’t mess it up” both plea. But The knife finds the neck of the unfortunate man. “Clean up and make sure nothing is left behind” he instructs the two.

“Two croissants and a latte por favor” Henry orders as the woman stares and then grabs the empty sit in front of him. “You know I thought you Americans are always looking for a hookup? I always see guys like you looking and signaling. It turns out you are all pussies” she rants. “Not all people would want to fuck for 24 hours straight” he said as he began taking stuff out of his bag, he took out a small pipe, an antique pocket watch, a diary, and a cloth of some sorts. He put everything back inside the bad only keeping the cloth out on the table. “What is that?” She asked as she was about to grab it “no touching” he hit her hand, “ouch, just an old rag” she said as she rubbed her hand. “Well it’s more than an old rag to me if you don’t mind” he slowly spread it on the table. It was filled with drawings of some sorts,

“Hmm, were to look? How is it possible that he would know where to send me but, not know where to actually send me” he spoke to himself ignoring the lady sitting in front of him. She was looking all around the place, on every table a man and a woman were flowing into a conversation while locking eyes with each other, they were each holding the hands of their significant another, and she was staring at them “what you want me to hold your hand?” He said noticing where her attention was.

She said noting but continued to spend her time staring at him and around her, for some reason she was getting uncomfortable….

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