The Abstract

An overview

do you feel like you are wasting time? I would presume, Yes. why do you waste time? you do not have infinite amount of it, in fact you may lose every second you thought you had in a heart beat. watching movies, listening to music, reading a new book, these things don’t look like a waste of time. Am I wasting my time writing this? Maybe…, but have I got something else to occupy myself with? nope.

see the thing is we do not know a thing about time. well we know its sleeping time at 11 in the evening, and lunch at 12, but other than our own made up definitions its all oblivion to us. we know its moving forward all the way to nothingness, well for us anyway; who knows in a billion years we may see a creature calling himself time (nothing to doubt cause we have zero idea). I would love a remote that will let me undo what I did. like broke my neighbours window playing football.. undo, accidentally impregnated a girl…undo.. see life would be much less stressful.., but not much of a life, wouldn’t it?

through out the ages, we have developed seconds, days, months, years, weeks all that good stuff…, all of us are alone here, no parents, no friends.., just you and you’re time…(you do have parents and friends) what you do with it is entirely up to you and your liking; but if you want to really waste it, well then let all you’re friends, family, neighbours, have an influence over you and you’re thoughts. Hey kid what you doin these days? ha.. why don’t you get a job or something. so the kid who till that moment was patiently trying to build his worm collection.., is forced to give it all up and go to the office and answer calls for the rest of his life. Who knows that worm collection of his was preparing him for a life filled with dirt and worms and science and adventure, but we Ain’t going to find out eh, are we? well not if we don’t have an undo button we aren’t.

unfortunately nothing like that exits.., nothing new information. So its all blindly sailing towards our end while constantly making choices every second about what to do next. ohh I see a rollercoaster ,, I shall ride one, ohh I see a book, I shall read.., all are noble quests, and all will lead you to the very same place all seven billion of us are destined for.

It is with great sadness that one leaves the world…

But to the one leaving, it is a delight to be away on an even greater adventure. For one doesn’t know what mystery is on the other side

However we may define our understanding of this mystery, one thing is certain; we will never win if it ever wages a war.

Tic-tock, tic-tock.

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