Sleepless chatter…..

What is happiness?

Are you happy?…. or are to waiting for something to happen to be happy? I presume it’s the latter. I myself countless times taught of getting something or…or accomplishing something would make me happy. Never realising that it is not the case………. not at all.

Why is it the journey…the process doesn’t enlighten us? Why do we continue to expand this endless pit. It’s like ” oh matezzz I’ll be happy when we’re 20meters down …….. after 20 …..we’ll how about 55……68….77…and it goes on forever till you are 6 feet underground”…..

What would you feel at the end when it’s you’re final minutes and you look back and say all that and now I’ll be gone…….all that for noting?!!!

Most would say that “no all that is not for nothing”, ‘you’ve made a contribution and it’ll live for ever. Lives are easier….” they may be right. But looking at it from you’re own perspective.” I’ve suffered, I’ve sleeped myself on an grumbling stomach……been homeless..been walked over….., when I could just have ended it….like it’s happening right now….we’ll it would have been earlier… and I’d have saved myself all this sadness and worthlessness. Why?

Why? What is the grand scheme of things…. “god has a plan?” Or univers is a mystery…all itself that we’ve conjured all sorts of stuff………

Well we may never know “maybe”

So why can’t we just smile and be done.

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