everybody thinks it’s all gonna work out, that in the end it’s all gone be fine. A happy ending is what’s awaiting them, but it can’t be farther from reality. The only thing that’s waiting is Death. It’ll wait for you for as long as you want or even as long as you doesn’t want. That’s what’s it there to do, to take what’s meant to be replaced, to take out the old and make space for the new.

So you can build that empire you want, you can bury as many people, businesses but it’ll never be worth it. You might be financially wealth, or might be the lost respected human being but it’ll only last as long as death wants it to last. You won’t be happy, you will never be content, never ever be just enough of anything.

Laugh, cry, break something, write something, but that’s only yours for the doing. It’s only for you to enjoy, others may Marvel at you’re work, but they’ll never be able to feel it the same way. The maker is the only one capable enough to feel it as it should be. Whatever the intention behind it,

Minutes……. 1

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