How come you’ve never told me……….!!!!

…….. you can leave without saying a word,

You can get angry without a cause. How come I’ve only found out about it now?

You could’ve warned me a little bit earlier,

So I wouldn’t have felt bad about my self.

You see whenever you’re mad….sad…. I’ve made it a habit of putting it on myself that I’m the reason behind it. I feel miserable about it. I try to do everything about it, to make it up. But…..

Now I’ve seen it was not always me. You’ve had someone else.. he was responsible, you’ve been invested in him, more than me. So you you think about him a lot. He’s actions……. influence you’re reaction, and here iam being a saint …. trying to die for you’re sake: you could’ve given me a hint.

But you didn’t and it’s now too late. I’ve fallen too deep to back out. You’ve never actually given any crap about me. I was only you’re source of comfort whenever he was away, whenever you two fight.

I was the offering….

I just hoped you would’ve told me…..



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