Why does she make me think…… of the worse……..!!!?????

Why am I bugged about it……. yeah i may have liked her….. but she didn’t–so what can i do about it. Just be happy u blithering idiot… it’s all gonna be fine, she’s gonna be fine. Isn’t it that what you want so stop thinking about it… “but I can’t.. I cant imagine her with some other guy… I cant see her far away, I just can’t, the problem is for you to man up and talk to her……. “well that’s the prob dude,,,, she doesn’t seem to be talkative,,, I’ve tried but not so successful, ‘so what you gonna do sit here and feel worthless ha?” Well by the looks of it she doesn’t seem to make her move, if she cared enough she’ll try…. she feels the same way towards you she’ll do whatever she can…. but it doesn’t seem that way is it..?

– Nope dude but I do think about her all the time……… I see her now and then….. the way she looks it seem she sees through me…

Don’t know what it is but it makes me anxious.. makes me wanna forget about every other thing…. except her….”and dude you said I wanted her to be happy? Well I want her to have all the happiness…. to be the person she wants to be… have a beautiful family that’ll support her………..

I want her to be herself…… I want her to live.!

Ellenour… bro I’ve been here for you and given you advice many times… but this is one of those situations that will be better if you made your decision….. I don’t want you to regret it in the end….. I don’t want to be the one to ruin our friendship….. so sorry dude but you gotta think about It and do what’s right for you……. cause then whatever you decide you’ll be happy and live…..

thanks Benjamin i knew I could count on you…..

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