Was it real or was it like any other teenage love……. a season.

They were painful… these first steps, it was like someone was peeling the skin off my feet as I walked. Taking a last glance at the beautiful house that had so many memories for me… I walked to the car which was parked at the same place as always, near the skate park only a few houses down the street. I got in and just sat there looking out the window and fiddling with the radio now and then. ‘ was it with the radio stations that they played the same old music every time it was so depressing that I turned it off’ with no more music to distract me I stared out of the window and saw two kids having a go at the ramp… the smaller one was about to jump when the sky roared with thunder it made the kid jump and he fell. But he was not hurt except, he was scared cause it was loud. He got up and then they both made their way out. Right then it started raining, and I thought “perfect” it was the thing I needed now a reminder of her, we used to sit near the windows when it would rain cause it calmed us both and it was a thing we both enjoyed doing. Frowning I turned the key and the engine made a noise as if it would not move an inch……. well my car was an old mustang that my grandfather gave me.. it belonged to him since he was out of high school so he thought it was only right for me to have it, even though it sat in the garage more than it was on the road.. I made my way through the wet freeway towards home and tried to thing what I would do that would make it easier for me..to live, I thought about leaving the town and going to LA and start a new journey but it would require a lot of explanations to the folks at home so that was out, getting a job was Next which came to my mind and it was the most appealing thing cause I’ll have nothing to explain and my folks would agree that I needed to start doing something with my life, instead of just spending their savings. Reaching home took no time at all, it was cause I was thinking about it more or cause I drove like a maniac…… turning the ignition off. I ran for the door, but it was no use because the rain was pouring down like hell, it was like there was a storm brewing somewhere and it was just around the bend from us. So soaked I pressed the door bell twice and was surprised to see Liam open the door, so he was really here. My cousin was back for the holidays and it would make it a lot easier to spend these two weeks with him.

Liam threw a towel at me and he gave me a hug that was more of a distant handshake and not a hug… he didn’t so I smiled at him and hoping he would not see my red eyes, I walked inside and made my way towards the bathroom to gat out of these wet clothes and to get a hot warm shower.

After changing into sleeping clothes I cane down and found Liam in the couch playing fifa as always ” so still Madrid eh dude I teased him, it was his favorite team’……. yah still Madrid what u thought I won’t like them anymore just because they list a match…. dude you gotta try harder….” he was smiling. He threw a controller towards me and so this was the way my night would be…… two clowns playing football and drinking redbull like it was water……

at least I will have something to occupy my mind and even if it was for the night… I figured we would be up till early morning.. playing and making rather childish bets that we both would be so tired that we’ll pass out anyway…..

Chapter 2

Meant to be……

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