First step..

It’s never a good thing getting thrown away like a piece of garbage … at least it felt that way. She walked away as if nothing has happened and nothing mattered to me .. to her. She knew me for eight years now, we’ve been together since grade school and I’ve fallen for her the second I saw her. We’ve been sitting together, we’ve been eating together. Our familier knew each other well. They knew wee were close, but it was. Ever meant to go further. A friend that was all she ever taught of me. She knew I loved her, and I’ve done everything she ever wanted me to do. But she felt no emotion in telling me what I meant to her: jake sorry but we can’t be what you want…. I love you but as a friend a very close friend, and I hope you will understand me.

Melissa, but I know you love me, I know you want to be with me. So why can’t it be more than that. I promise I’ll never do anything to hurt you or do anything thing that you’ll be not pleased about. But please don’t do this to me, don’t make me leave.

She was quiet for too long. It made me nervous, I was sitting there like a statue not wanting to move, not wanting to do anything that will make it worse. The minutes felt like years. But I had to she was everything. I’ve ever wanted. Finally after what felt like an eternity she spoke………’ jake I know you love me .. I’ve known it for a long time and I’ve been praying to god that you’ll not ask me…… I’ve been doing everything to make sure that you won’t feel that way. But it had to come…,, life had to punish me. Jake I’m not good for you, I’m not the Melissa you’ve known all these years… I’ve done things that will make you hate me… or even not wanna talk to me anymore. But if it’ll make you forget me. Jake: i will never forget you ever.. you know that. There is nothing in this world that will make the years we’ve been together seem a dream…. nothing. So you can make me hate you, you can’t tell whatever you want but, I’ll always be there. Near you waiting for you cause I can feel it it’ll happen, maybe not now, but one day and when that day comes I’ll be the happiest guy in the world.’

She was crying now and I felt bad saying these worlds but they were true….. truer than true. So I’ll go if she wants me to. ” Jake I’m sorry but I like someone else… so it’ll be the best for everyone that you ought to leave and be every better if we didn’t saw each other again, with that she stood up and went to open the door for me.. as if it was my first time being here… feeling dead I stood up and made my way out…… on the last few steps I stopped to look at her.. she was beautiful, even now with eyes full of tears and hairs all over the place, she was indeed the most beautiful girl in the world for me, and in thankful for the universe for making us meet and for all those years……. even now when I’m about to lose her I’m still thankful for the memories and I still believe that in the end it’ll be worth it and we’ll be together. ” I still love you and I’ll love you no matter what….”

With these words I took the first step into oblivion and darkness……

Chapter 1,…….,

Meant to be……

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