through time…

All of us are born on a specific time of which we know nothing about, but at this point our journey has begun and as time passes our limbs grow, brains grow, we’ve already have had some personal experience’s of which we’ve loved, some we wish never happened. It’s a race through time but more importantly its experiencing time in our own way, a way with is throughly ours and ours alone. Not a single person gets to live their life as a reflection of others.

through humps and bumps we reach our end,
 be forgotten by all and,
 remembered by none except times on sand,
always remember your in a band,
playing a game,
and dying all the same.

Through the ages time has built great things and it has also ruined many wonders. It erodes everything into oblivion…….. But asking something like does time know that ear are journeying through it?… Does it know that it is responsible for many peoples suffering. Maybe it enjoys what it is doing….

The only way to get through is to experiment all the way till one gasps its last breathe.

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