No Idea.!

A very old rocking chair was in front of him…….. he was in a place he Had never seen, lest explored alone never knowing how he got here, he heard a slow heavy breath coming from the room behind the wall, he was shaken because it was no welcoming sign.

Slowly he made his way through the door and saw a hallway with rooms on the either side,,, some had doors, some barely..

As he made up his mind to just look one time and he’ll be off… he heard a scream and a thud from the floor above… surprised he went on and found a grand staircase, the type you’d find in a castle with golden bronze railings. He also noticed something strange about this room, it had a strange smell, a fragrance of a woman, it smelt like aged fine wine, he was pleased and frightened cause he was not alone he thought of their was a smell, a presence.

Or maybe his mind was playing tricks on him.

……………. or was it

Getting on he stood froze on top of the first step, it was because at the very top.. there was a girl about his age. But very thin and had… she was in some sort of chains with blood and cuts on her face, she slowly raised her hands and pointed to the door on the far side of the hall.. he looked and seeing it open he turned around and was alone the girl had gone but he could hear faint sound of chains being dragged.

suddenly out of nowhere searing pain was raging through his head and screams were all around him he fell clutching his head next moment he was being dragged by his leg upstairs by a figure he assumed to be a man,

He was very hungry and very weak, when he opened his eyes early dawn, he found himself in a room with the girl he had seen sitting near the door and was watching him,

He could hear screams coming from behind the walls and the sound of machines,,…………………

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