Crazy things, seem to be out of reach, Too crazy to breach,, Thinking too small, forgetting the sky Knowing there was a guy... Who conquered fear... and the sky.. ............


Waking up day after day and seeing the same place.. wondering to yourself what have you done to be experiencing this. Then realising that you've done everything you could possibly do wrong.. making the wrong choices, Being afraid.. to change .. to try, Not saying what was needed to be said, Being so over your … Continue reading Sorry…


Live its the only thing you can think, Between sitting and going extinct, It's gonna be hard, so try to be strong, Because if your right, nothing can go wrong, You'll be glad you choose to live, Otherwise you'll grieve.

Sleepless chatter…..

What is happiness? Are you happy?.... or are to waiting for something to happen to be happy? I presume it's the latter. I myself countless times taught of getting something or...or accomplishing something would make me happy. Never realising that it is not the case.......... not at all. Why is it the journey...the process doesn't … Continue reading Sleepless chatter…..



everybody thinks it's all gonna work out, that in the end it's all gone be fine. A happy ending is what's awaiting them, but it can’t be farther from reality. The only thing that’s waiting is Death. It’ll wait for you for as long as you want or even as long as you doesn’t want. … Continue reading 1